1 Registration fee

2 Visa support   


To get the official invitation for visa you have to:

  • provide the Organizing committee with the following information:   

    - country, region and city of permanent residence

    - place of employment (full institution name)

    - work address (country, postcode, city)

    - job title

    - place where you will be applying for the visa: country, city

    - intended date of entry and departure to and from Russia

  • send scancopy of your passport
  • indicate the exact mail address (full, with poscode) for mailing the official letter of invitation
  • e-mail all these data to

The Organizing committee will send the official invitation by express mail to the address indicated by the participant.

Deadline for the invitation requests is 01.08.2015.

For all questions on visas do not hesitate to contact  the Organizing Committee,

Tsvetkov Aleksei (